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What does a foster carer do?

A foster carer plays a central role in a team of professionals that includes social workers, therapists, teachers and health professionals. They work in partnership to ensure the child/ren in their care get all the help and support they need. Foster carers are responsible for the day to day care of the children they look after. The child’s Local Authority and/or the child’s birth parents retain parental responsibility. There are many tasks that foster carers agree to undertake including:

• Encouraging and supporting children with school attendance and achievement

• Ensuring they attend health and therapy appointments

• Encouraging the child/ren to engage in activities in the community

• Supporting contact with their birth family

Each of our foster carers receives a comprehensive handbook providing them with full details of the day to day roles and responsibilities of foster carers which provides them with a helpful insight into the realities of fostering. They also have the full support of the Family Fostering team of experienced social workers on a day to day basis as required.