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Becoming a Foster Carer

The application process explained

How to become a foster carer

So you’ve made the decision to become a foster carer.   How do you go about it?  
Here we explain the steps to becoming a Foster Carers with Family Fostering.   

Becoming a Foster Carer step by step

1. Enquire

Contact us on  01843 598 647 or complete our web form to make an initial enquiry about fostering with us.

2. Speak to one of our team

We will contact you by telephone to have an initial telephone discussion.

3. Get a fostering information pack

An information pack and an application form are sent out to you.

4. Home visit

We will come and visit you at home and answer any questions you may have.

5. Deciding to be a foster carer

Once you’ve made the decision to become a foster carer, you can proceed to application stage.

6. Apply to foster

Complete and return the application form.

7. Sign consent form

We send you a consent form to sign and return. Stage 1 of the Assessment begins.

8. Statutory checks

Your statutory checks/references are processed.

9. Complete training

You are booked onto a ‘Skills to Foster’ training course.

10. Second home visit

Your Assessing Social Worker contacts you and arranges another home visit.

11. Referee interviews

Your Assessing Social Worker visits and interviews your referees

12. Checks are verified

Checks and references are verified and the decision to continue to Stage 2 of the Assessment.

13. Third Home visit

Your Assessing Social Worker completes visits with you and household members

14. Completion of Form F

Your Form F is completed and given to you to check, add your comments and sign.

15. Panel interview

We invite you to panel and send you a panel guide

16. Panel recommendation

Panel makes a recommendation and you will be informed.

17. Agency decision

The Agency Decision Maker makes a decision.

18. Approval

As soon as our decision has been made, we’ll let you know you’ve been approved.

Become a fabulous foster carer with Family Fostering

We are looking for people from all walks of life who are kind, caring, compassionate and encouraging. If you live anywhere in Kent and have room in your home and your heart, as well as an abundance of energy and patience to devote to a child, we would love to hear from you. Contact Debi or Teresa for more information.

Become a foster carer with Family Fostering

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