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Already fostering? Thinking of becoming a foster carer with us

We are passionate about the Service we provide and would love to hear from like-minded, experienced foster carers who share our core values and absolute commitment to caring for children and young people in accordance with our therapeutic ethos. If this is you and you would like to find out more about transferring to Family Fostering, please contact us – we would love to hear from you.

We are aware that making the decision to change is not something you do lightly and there will be various factors to consider. You are welcome to ring for a chat or pop in to see us and talk through any queries or concerns you may have. Here are some of the frequently asked questions;

Do I have the right to change agencies?

As a self-employed foster carer you have the right to change agencies. This right is enshrined within the Fostering Network’s ‘Protocol for The Transfer of Foster Carers between Agencies’ document which can be found on their website. This Protocol is now considered the accepted process for managing the transfer of foster carers to another agency.

Will I lose any children I have in placement if I change agencies?

No. They have been placed into your care and will move with you. You can be assured that throughout the transfer process we will ensure any children you currently have in placement are not disrupted or distressed by the transfer.

What is the process for changing agencies?

When you contact us we will provide you with further details of our Service and give you the opportunity to come and meet the team. If you decide to transfer to us, the next step is for you to speak to your existing agency about your plans to transfer.

Once you have done this, we will contact them and arrange a meeting with them and the social workers of any children you currently have in placement to discuss and agree the transfer arrangements. This will be in accordance with the Fostering Network Protocol and is straightforward.

You will also be allocated a social worker from our team to complete a new Form F assessment and the supporting checks and documentation.
We agree with you and your current agency the date your Form F will be presented to our Fostering Panel.

Our Fostering Panel will make their recommendation and from this the decision will be made by our Agency Decision Maker regarding your Approval with us.

Following this, we will confirm with you the transfer is complete and inform the social workers of any children you have in placement.