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Recognising worth and unlocking potential

We believe the best way of supporting our foster carers in the valuable role they do is by providing them with a personalised, bespoke service where support is tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.

We’re committed to remaining a small, independent agency where every individual is known to the team so that we can provide an exclusive family feel to all our foster families and the children in their care.

Supporting our Foster Carers 100%

To achieve our aim of providing continuous unrivaled support for all our Foster Carers, we ensure that our supervising Social Workers support a maximum of 8 families at one time.  Check out the benefits all of our Foster Carers have unlimited access to.

Financial Support

We regard each and every one of our foster carers as fellow professionals and ensure that they receive a professional fee and full financial support. We also ensure that the financial fee acknowledges each foster carer’s length of service as well as their expertise by operating a tiered fee structure. We hope that our objective matches our foster carer’s aspiration to move to the top tier by accessing training, ongoing support and experiential learning and development.

A highly competitive weekly allowance (£400-£600)

14 nights respite at full payment per child in placement

Annual holiday payments (£400 per child in placement)

Expenses payments

up to 6 weeks payment when without a child in placement

Exceptional needs payments (for unforeseen circumstances)

Foster Talk membership

Fostering Network membership

Insurance cover

Family Fostering Values

Consistently good…

The Supervising Social Worker, Tracy Price, excels in her role. In regards to the Agency, ‘Don’t change much!’  Being consistently good over a long period, inevitably results in continuing small improvements”

Become a fabulous foster carer with Family Fostering

We are looking for people from all walks of life who are kind, caring, compassionate and encouraging. If you live anywhere in Kent and have room in your home and your heart, as well as an abundance of energy and patience to devote to a child, we would love to hear from you. Contact Debi or Teresa for more information.

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