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Our service to our foster carers

We believe the best way of supporting our foster carers in the valuable role they do is by providing them with a personalised, bespoke service where support is tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.

We are committed to remaining a small, independent service where every individual is known to the team so that we can provide an exclusive family feel to all our foster families and the children in their care. We do this by ensuring each foster family has:

• A named, dedicated and experienced social worker for support and supervision
• Monthly supervision and weekly phone contact as a minimum
• Bespoke/high quality training
• Therapeutic workshops
• Local and informal support groups
• Round the clock support/guidance 24/7 from an experienced social worker
• An array of social events for all the family
• A positive response to requests for additional support
• Honest and open feedback
• Support at all meetings and conferences
• Peer support for both foster carers and/or their birth children
• Support from our independent welfare officer

To achieve this; our supervising social workers support a maximum of 7 families.

We regard each and every one of our foster carers as fellow professionals and as such ensure that they receive a professional fee and full financial support. As professionals we also ensure that the financial fee acknowledges each foster carer’s length of service as well as their expertise by having a tiered fee structure. We hope that our objective matches our foster carer’s aspiration to move to the top tier by accessing training, ongoing support and experiential learning and development.

Our financial support includes:

• A highly competitive weekly allowance (£400 - £580)
• Two weeks respite payment (2 x weekly allowance per placement)
• Annual holiday payments (£400 per placement)
• Expenses payments
• Four weeks payments for when without a placement
• Exceptional needs payments (for those unforeseen circumstances)
• BAAF membership
• Fostering Network membership
• Insurance cover

We believe in working in partnership with our foster carers to deliver effective re-parenting so that the children in their care can experience a positive and restorative family life experience.

We support local community events, resources and organisations and recognise the valuable role they play in supporting and encouraging all children develop important life skills and social engagement.

These are a vital part of providing children with a secure base from which they may achieve stability, security, resilience and a true sense of belonging and acceptance, where their worth is fully recognised and their true potential is unlocked.

We also work in partnership with local authorities, schools, therapists and other professionals to help achieve better outcomes for each looked after child and young person in our service in relation to health and wellbeing, education and skills and preparedness for adulthood through integrated planning.