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Becoming a Foster Carer

 You make an initial enquiry about fostering with us

We will contact you by telephone to have an initial telephone discussion

An information pack and an application form are sent out to you

We will come and visit you at home

The decision is made to proceed to application stage

You complete and return the application form

We send you a consent form to sign and return. Stage 1 of the Assessment begins

Your statutory checks/references are processed

You are booked onto a ‘Skills to Foster’ training course

Your Assessing Social Worker contacts you and arranges a home visit

Your Assessing Social Worker visits and interviews your referees

Checks and references are verified, decision to continue to Stage 2 of the Assessment

Your Assessing Social Worker completes visits with you and household members

Your Form F is completed and given to you to check, add your comments and sign

We invite you to panel and send you a panel guide

Panel makes a recommendation, if you attend panel you will informed of this

The Agency Decision Maker makes a decision



More details about the process for becoming a foster carer with us

Initial Visit

During the initial telephone call, we assess if you meet are criteria and if so we will arrange a suitable time to visit you for the home visit. This is called an initial visit and it gives us an opportunity to explain more about fostering and more specifically about fostering with us. It also gives us a chance to get to know you and your family. We will also look around your home to make sure it meets the health and safety requirements for fostering, this will include checking the bedroom which is available for a foster child/young person.

What happens next?

Following the visit you will have time to think about whether fostering with us is right for you and your family. Likewise we will give full consideration to your enquiry. A brief written summary of our visit will be completed and will assist Debi and Teresa in deciding if we can proceed with your application. Debi or Teresa will contact you within 10 working days informing you of the decision. If we cannot proceed with your application, we will provide the reasons for this in writing along with a copy of our compliments & complaints leaflet.

If we can proceed you will be asked to complete your application form and return to us as soon as possible.