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About Family Fostering


We are a small dedicated team with extensive experience in fostering. Teresa and Debi have worked together in a private fostering agency for over 11 years and Tracy has worked alongside them for the last 8 years. Between us we have expertise in all roles within fostering from the assessment and reviewing of foster carers, delivering training programmes and workshops, providing the day to day support and supervision, and, managing and developing a fostering service. In addition to this we all have previous experience of setting up and delivering services for young people and their families and Teresa and Debi have experience of being part of a fostering family.

Our shared passion and vision of providing high quality practical, emotional and therapeutic support to foster carers and the children in their care inspired and motivated us to set up Family Fostering. Our ethos is summarised in the following mission statement.


Mission Statement

To provide our fostering families with a secure base within which they are equipped and enabled to provide safe, nurturing and loving homes to young people unable to live with their birth families. Working holistically with a therapeutic ethos we will ensure that each child/young person is fully supported through their psychological recovery, enabled to build their resilience and realise their unique potential.


Our Values

At Family Fostering our principles of recognising each individual’s unique worth and enabling them to realise their potential are central to everything we do. This is inclusive to all the children and young people within the service, all our foster carers and staff members.

We are acutely aware that the children and young people who are placed with foster carers have experienced trauma, abuse and/or neglect and the huge negative impact this has on their overall development and wellbeing. We recognise that caring for these children and young people is complex and demanding requiring foster carers to have key skills, personal qualities, resilience and strong support networks.

We value foster carers as fellow professionals and work alongside them, supporting them in every aspect of the fostering role. Our foster carers are uniquely placed to make a life changing difference to these children and young people when they are placed in their care. This difference is essentially made in the day to day care they provide within their homes where they consistently demonstrate to each child and young person they are valued and provide them with the support they need to work through their difficulties and raise their self-esteem so they have the motivation and resources they need to realise their unique potential. We strongly believe that ideally children and young people within the care system who are unable to return to their birth family should have the stability of long term foster placements as within these they are provided with the best opportunity to begin developing secure attachments vital to their emotional wellbeing.